Some Nights

I’ve had the Some Nights album by FUN. on repeat in my car stereo for about 3 days now. (and seeings as I’m the only person in my relationship with a car, I drive a lot). I went through a stage where the song Some Nights alone transfixed me, but now the whole album has got a hold of me and I just can’t shake its influence.

The album exhibits a raw emotion and turbulence that flows from one song to the next I’ve yet to experience in many other albums. This album reminds me of what a few other pop singers and rappers have tried to do, like Kid Kudi or Kanye, but its more effective (perhaps because I’m not annoyed with the fact that Kanye’s deep troubles surround his just being a “douchebag”).

The lyrics throughout Some Nights are extravagant, exaggerated perhaps, theatrical. But through them I can see the inner workings of my own thoughts. Because, in a world like ours, some of us can’t help but feel dramatically lost and confused. A twisted tortured soul who drowns the pressing issues out with the parties, the love, the booze, or the music. I see the Some Nights albums as a series of diary entries, one song being a the night time wildings or lonely musings, another being a morning after full of regrets and retributions.

Even with the synthesizer and funky auto-tuned sound to some of the songs, this album is refreshingly real. It takes me back to being an angsty pre-teen with hawthorn heights or the postal service on repeat because I thought only their songs could capture how I feel.  Some Nights has done that to me.


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