We’re the Outsiders

I have way too many friends in Africa right now, and its killing me. So I’m dealing with my jealousy through blogging.

I feel its only appropriate to resurface a song that defined my very existence when I returned to the states from Uganda last summer.

NeedtoBreathe is a christian band, which usually for me means a no-go. The first time I heard their name was when Sirius radio played their single “Washed by the Water”. Despite the heavy religious undertones, I really enjoyed this song. The popularity of “Washed by the Water” faded and NeedtoBreathe was once again gone from my life. It was in a car ride on my second day home from Uganda that my brother played “The Outsiders,” and I was immediately holding back tears. For the next few weeks, I would sit with this song on repeat. At the gym, in the car, as I fell asleep, as I read letters from the kids… all the time.

The song is largely about standing up for ones beliefs and because of that being an outsider. For me this had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with coming home. We, I, are the outsiders. I just arrived “home” from a place I spent 15 days, thousands of miles away, and yet felt I left everything I loved and wanted behind. I was the outsider. I stood up for my beliefs and the changes I want to see in the world and was now the outsider.  Its funny how things like that work. Those of us who truly dream often just don’t fit in with the rest of society. Anyway…

That mixed with the band’s South Carolina roots and a lead singer who slightly reminds me of Anthony Followill (Kings of Leon) I honestly was powerless to this song.

As for the rest of their music, I can admit I’ve yet to take a gander. Perhaps this will inspire both you and I to look a little deeper into this barrier-breaking christian band.


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