Simply Illuminating

Dear Boyfriend,

 I sincerely apologize but you have yet another string instrument playing, southern sounding, t-shirt wearing, facial hair growing, raspy voiced young musician to compete with. I know the list is growing endless, but I promise I’ll do my best to control my urges.



I have a new crush, or more like a new three-some crush. Don’t get your hopes up, this isn’t that kind of blog. I’m talking about The Lumineers. Their semi-smash hit “Ho Hey” has been making its way into the hearts of serius radio listeners for quite some time, but that’s really the only radio attention they’ve got. I have a feeling, following the footsteps of many other artists I’ve discovered through satellite radio, they will pop up on local stations in about a week or so where their song will play until even I’m ready to stick my head out of the car window. Until then, I urge you to GET THIS ALBUM!!

The Lumineers have a familiar sound, yet there’s something that leaves me wondering- how do I classify them? No denying there’s that homey folk vibe, but there’s more. They mix a down-home feel with the slow serenading acoustic rock I feared got left behind with the ’90s. Whatever the mix, its spot on. This trio’s first album has some powerful beats with lyrics that cut straight to the heart. Some of my favorites include “Stubborn Love” about loving someone who, from the sounds of it, isn’t worth loving but he’s just too stubborn. Other favorite songs of mine include, “Ho Hey” (there’s a reason its popular) “Flapper Girl” and “Flowers in Your Hair”.  The trio is made up of two brothers from New York originally who ran away to Denver and found, by way of Craigslist, their cellist (who now plays mandolin and piano as well). Their story is pretty neat, as is their sound.

Go on, get your feet tappin’.




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