A College Quickie


Southern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

There are a plethora of ideas for stuffed potatoes and sweet potatoes online, so I sort of stole elements from a few and created my own. I will definitely be trying more variations in the future!

I took a tex-mex twist using re-fried beans, sautéed spinach and onions, southwest chicken, and of course some cheese and salsa.  That right there is your ingredient list. I bought:

2 sweet potatoes

1 small white onion

1 package bagged spinach

1 can vegetarian re-fried beans

1 bag precooked southwestern style chickens trips

1 bad Mexican style cheese

(already had salsa and spices..)

To cook: *I took a few short cuts due to limited kitchen supplies* Start by sauteing spinach and chopped onion until spinach is wilted and onions are browned.

Then warm re-fried beans as directed while microwaving sweet potatoes for 5-9 minutes (varies by size). If microwaving, place on a paper towel and puncture each potato a few times with a fork/knife. Rotate after about 3 minutes and cook until they reach a desired texture/softness. You can absolutely use the oven if you please. Microwaving works fine and was just better for my schedule.  Then, add chicken to spinach mixture until warm. Proceed to cut open cooked sweet potato and layer on beans, spinach and chicken mixture, and cheese. Top with salsa, chips and/or some sour cream at your leisure.

My boyfriend and I were absolutely stuffed! He only ate 1/2 of his and saved the rest for lunch but I ate all of mine! It was so delicious and so simple. I estimated them to be in between 400-500 calories each and packed full of vitamins, fiber, and good stuff! The ingredients cost me less than 15$ and I had half a bag of spinach, half an onion, most of the cheese, and half of the beans left over- not too shabby!

Tell me that doesn’t look phenomenal!



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