Falling into Fashion

Abigail@abigail_hoff  “Seasonal style through occupations: Spring: I dress like a teacher. Summer: like a mom. Fall: like an art student. Winter: like a hobo.”

I couldn’t help but send this tweet this yesterday as I walked to class looking good for once. I wish that wasn’t as rare as it is but as you can probably guess from the titles above, I like fall clothing the most. I personally have trouble creating a personal style when its warm out because my body type is very finicky with shorts and tank tops etc. However, the moment the temperature dips below 70 degrees I roll out the red carpet and strut my stuff! Fall fashion is effortless. You can look like a million bucks by throwing together clothes you already own and knotting your hair in a bun. So here are some of my favorite ways to look flawless in the fall.

1. Scarves

Let me start by saying these amazing accessories do not have to be limited to your neck. If it’s a little chilly out, warm up by covering those ears. Take a thin, long, rectangle scarf and turn it into a head-band. It’s a look that will never die and the tie hanging down around your neck means you don’t even need a necklace! Likewise, save a few bucks on over-priced jewelry and get scarves instead. They’re fully functional and fashionable. Big knit circle scarves became such a hot item last year that you can find them all over, but that doesn’t mean your old hanky-style colorful scarves are dead.

So many ways!

2. Flannels

Ok, so you know all those cool pics of models and celebs people pin pinterest where they look put together and super-laid back and  fashionable all at the same time? First of all, they drive me nuts. Second, the looks aren’t actually that hard to attain. Head to a thrift store, but yourself a fairly thick wide-squared men’s flannel shirt (My favorite is actually one I bought in the men’s section from target). Next time you’re wearing relatively neutral colors and need a cute jacket, just screw it and put on the flannel. You’ll be more comfy, warmer, and the envy of everyone who looks less cool in their stiff, rigid jackets.

3. Jeans vs. Leggings

Let me reiterate a rule Oprah taught me. If it’s not past your butt (ok she said fingertips but that’s unattainable at times) don’t wear leggings. I honestly don’t care if you’re having a frumpy day (god knows how often I have those), but if you’re attempting to look good, the butt needs to be covered. If the sweater or shirt stops on or above the bootay, get out the skinny jeans.  Here is where I also say that boot-cut is a thing of the past. It’s fine for work pants and business but otherwise, go for skinny/straight leg. I love leggings all the time, who doesn’t? It tricks my body into thinking I’m in pi’s and thats something I can’t be me thankful for. The day I started following this rule however I found myself really noticing how comfortable and good I felt in my outfits.

4. Supersize-me

Trying to pack on the winter weight to survive the cold? Go for it! One way to make everything look spectacular in the fall is to go big, go men’s. Over sized sweatshirts, over sized dress shirts, even over sized t-shirts can make for wonderful outfits. I’m a big fan of layering over sized sweatshirts and shirts, you can create some cool color-blocking here too. You might want to get a little destructive and rip the collars out and tailor them a bit but that just makes the outfit better! (A DIY outfit always trumps one you paid for). This idea also allows you to wear those leggings as often as you’d like.

Other personal fall favorites: jean anything, layering, chunky-knit pieces, patterned socks, military style etc…

Most of these are pretty obvious, I’m not hitting any new material here but it seemed a worthwhile task anyway.

My favorite scarf,  tank, flannel, red jeans, and boots!

I’ll be heading home today to try out a newd craft. Wish me luck and look out for it!

Happy Fall and Happy Friday!


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