Tips for your Collar Tips

Happy Monday Bloggers!

and if you are anywhere in or near the Columbus area I should say Happy Winter. brrrrr

I came home from work last friday at 8:30 and I went inside to craft. So goes the story of my life. This week, I got my inspiration from a favorite blog, a wonderful crafty woman whose site you can check out here. Her version of this went a bit differently so take your pick.

I love button ups but I often find they can look too boring or too preppy, so I for one loved this idea for painted collar tips.

I purchased 3 surprisingly nice button ups for $3.50 a piece at my local GoodWill and used acrylic paint and glitter I already had.

I taped the collars straight across for a classic triangle look.

Then, you paint. If you’re using acrylic don’t layer it on too thick or it will crack, especially when you wash it.

(I’d hand wash or wash on gentle! Hang dry)

Make sure your tape is pressed down firmly or else the paint leaks and you end up with sloppy lines. Duct tape works great for this but painters tape got the job done as well.

The possibilities are endless with these, which is what makes them so cool. I threw glitter on one of mine and absolutely love the results.

This entire DIY cost me $12 for 3 shirts because I already had lots of paint and what not. Oh, and the blue paint it actually puffy fabric paint just an fyi

So it turns out being lame on Friday nights actually makes my wardrobe significantly more stylish without causing me to starve to death!


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