Back in Brass

While babysitting in a newly built home, I sat ogling over the brand-new gourmet kitchen. Taupe walls, white cabinets, dark wood tables and dark granite created a simple, neutral color scheme. It opened up into a living area with a blue wall and neutral accents throughout the room. Three heavy, overstated brass light fixtures hung over the island.

Apparently brass is making a comeback in 2013. I’ve never given the alloy much thought.  Partly because the only brass I know is the tarnished, cheap brass handles and door knobs of out-dated homes. However, I got to thinking about this back to brass action and discovered that when done correctly, I’m a brassy broad.

brasss 3

This bulky brass light fixture, used in the kitchen I mentioned, paired with the blue of the adjoining room gave the space a nautical feel without going overboard. I wish I had snapped a picture!

Too much of a good thing can be dangerous, but all the brass used here pops against the dark wallpaper, making this bathroom downright dreamy.


I’m always a sucker for a range hood that makes a statement.


A brass sink is definitely not for timid home owners, but in the right space I love the idea of making the sink a centerpiece of the room!

How do you feel about brass making a comeback and where would find it in your home?



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