Finally Finished!

I’ve since lost count of what day of the project we’re on, but did you really expect me to finish a project in a timely manner? Between working and vacationing , it took me weeks just to make my bed for this picture.  Alas, the room is finished aside from minor details. I’m still searching for things to decorate the walls but overall, I’m chalking this one up to a win.

I’ve been describing  it as “rustic beach cottage chic.” Whatever that means…

I spend way too much time in my new bed!

Love this bed! Throw pillow purchased at Target. Mirror from Hobby Lobby.

The tubing and molding in the corner deserves a shout out. There was this huge hole in the ceiling with unsightly wires hanging down because the internet company decided that was logical and safe. My ever-impressive mother found the white  tubing, available in different colors and sizes, and a cover to mask the giant electrical mash-up.

A De-cluttered bookshelf and a real dresser- It's all l've ever wanted!

Hand-painted shells, bottles, and jars coordinate well with the patterned Hobby Lobby frames.

I had planned on using burlap to incorporate the shells into a shadow box or art piece, but for right now they will stay right there. The most stressful part of this entire project is finding pictures for the frames- ugh!

I ended up switching the original fabric to something with more umph.

Mom painted an old chair meanwhile I re-upholstered the hamper a second time to give it more flavor.

Just in case you forgot the chaos that came before this, here’s a before and after :

Before                                                   After

Fotor0801135033 Fotor0801135328

I would say that is a major improvement! What do you think?




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