Tuesday’s Timeline

I spent the past two hours exploring the depths of the internet where I stumbled upon a great interactive timeline template. Naturally, I attempted to create a musical map of my day  only to then learn that WordPress.com doesn’t support the plug-in needed to display said timeline on this blog!  C’est la vie.

So, I am going to provide you with the same information sans the cool, interactive graphic. I realize how underwhelming this is and I can only hope all of my wasted efforts act as consolation.

Today’s Playlist.

I had a fantastic playlist to my life today. There were some old favorites and new comers in the mix, so I thought I’d take you all on a tour of my Tuesday!

Running.   G-Eazy “Rebel”  I woke up late but decided to squeeze a run in anyway. In lieu of training for a half-marathon, I’ve become addicted to my Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Pandora station. This song by G-Eazy makes frequent appearances on the station and is quickly becoming a personal favorite.

Class. The Weeks “Buttons” Oh, what a walk to class I had… I left the house in a frenzy, but this song sent me into my favorite (ugh) two-hour class with some spunk. This is by no means a new discovery but I will never tire of it.

Getting Ready.  The Civil Wars “From this Valley” I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if this came on while getting ready for work or for class but it could matter less. It doesn’t take a genius to see I am mildly obsessed with The Civil Wars. This track is one of the more up-beat songs on their latest album and has even been making debuts on mainstream country radio recently.

Homework. Kings of Leon “Wait for Me” Happy album release! Kings of Leon released their latests, Mechanical Bull, in the Us today. This song, released earlier this summer, is a great preview of the album. All in all, I was pretty pleased. It sounded a lot more like the KOL I know and love.

The Drive Home. Serena Ryder “Stompa”  This came on my Sirius radio as I drove home from work. This song and the woman singing it are just bad-a**. Stompa has more of a pop feel compared to Ryder’s usual indie/folk rock fare, and I approve.

Late Night. Delta Rae “If I Loved You”  What more can I say? Is there a more appropriate song for 1 a.m.? My mom introduced me to Delta Rae a few months back and I cannot get enough.


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