The Queen of Quinoa

…or not.

The latest food trend seems to be everywhere. Its taking over your Pinterest and filling up your company fridge.  Maybe I’m not hip to the healthy food world, but I had never heard of quinoa before 2013. Now it’s all I ever hear about.

What make this “superfood” stand out among other grains is its high levels of protein, fiber and nutrients. I had yet to give it a try since my family doesn’t really cook carbs and I’m usually in such a hurry at the grocery store. A dear friend sent me such a mouth-watering photo this week that  I finally decided it was time to give quinoa a try.

The infamous photo

The infamous photo

Cilantro lime quinoa salad, she said, and I was sold.

So I ventured to Kroger with nothing but the idea of cilantro lime quinoa salad and that photo.

I grabbed quinoa, limes, tomato, onion,a jalapeño, and black beans. Following the directions on the back of the bag, I rinsed and cooked the quinoa. Once it was finished, I simply stirred finely chopped cilantro and veggies into the pot. I then added about half a can of drained, canned black beans and squeezed the juice of 1/2 lime over the mix.


It made enough to fill two tupperware containers, feeding me for at least three meals, and it was SO good. Like most grains, quinoa yields large portions for a little price. Yes, rice is cheaper but the superfood is absolutely worth what you’re getting as far as taste and nutritional value.

So it finally happened, I’m a quinoa convert.

I think I’m going to try something similar to this Quinoa Pizza Casserole next. I can’t finish or store a whole casserole, so I’ll see what I can do as far as single servings go.


Huge shout out to my great friend Jamie for the inspiration and for letting me steal the photos she sent!


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