String Art

In an attempt to both enjoy my night off and start decorating my soon-to-be new apartment, I tried my hand at the hottest trend in crafting, string art.

I went into the process with little to no prior knowledge, just some tips from a friend and assumptions based on what I had seen on Pinterest.

In all honesty, choosing the right word proved to be the most difficult. I didn’t want something too cliche but there are only so many four-five letter words that can stand on their own. I almost just said screw it all and chose “pug.”

Tiny wire nails, so tiny and cute, well if you look past their spiky exteriors.

Wire nails, so tiny and cute! Well, if you can look past their spiky exteriors.

You’ll need tiny wire nails (see above), a piece of wood sized appropriately for your design, embroidery floss, a hammer and a printer (unless you’re gifted enough on your own, curse you). I’m sure you could use a different type of yarn or thread but don’t quote me on that.





Make sure to check your wood for knots! I ran into one on the tail of my “R” and it made things a little tricky.




The best part about this craft is there is no right or wrong way to do. You can use as many colors of floss as you like and wrap it however you like. I think I may shape the edges of my board or stain them to give it some flare.

Now I just can’t wait to move into my new home (for a year) and give this guy a home!


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