Planting Succulents



Succulents have been making a comeback as of late and its no surprise as to why. These plants have a simple beauty and are known to be virtually indestructible. While interning for a wedding magazine, I saw succulents used as wedding favors, in centerpieces and in wall hangings. I couldn’t help but fall in love with these plants. Succulents can survive well in pots and different containers, so they lend themselves to creative displays. After a trip to Fern Studio in Cincinnati and countless Etsy searches, I had gathered enough inspiration for this little craft.

The hardest part was picking my plants. I didn’t do much research as to which succulents lived best where and I won’t lie that their real names were quite overwhelming. In the end, I picked the three I thought would look best next to each other. Hopefully this uninformed decision doesn’t come back to haunt me! All together they cost about $12.


For step two I got two teacups and a cocktail glass from our local St. Vincent de Paul for about $1.50




I followed this blog post’s suggestions for repotting my new friends, so next came mixing some potting soil with left over coffee grounds. The coffee grounds help fertilize the soil and, if keeping plants outdoors, keep away slugs and other slimy predators.



I then layered a small amount of a sand/gravel mix into the bottom of each container. I learned this is important because succulents need a good drainage system so the soil does not become over saturated with water.


Then I added soil and welcomed these green creatures to their new homes!


After about one week and a move to a new apartment, I haven’t killed them yet so I’m hopeful for our future!


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