Skillets on a Sunday


We celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday this weekend, so it was only fitting that part of my gift was brunch in bed. His only request was that eggs and biscuits be present. I was really struggling because I wanted to make something he could eat a lot of (he likes that) but I still wanted it to be fun and delicious. I needed quantity and quality. I kept coming back to the idea of a breakfast skilled and decided on this great recipe on Pinterest.

I don’t own a nice skillet so I actually made this in muffin cups as the recipe offers as an alternative. However, when putting the hash browns in I had so many left over (I was only using a 6 cup muffin pan) that I just grabbed a nearby pan and went for the actual skillet effect. Both came out looking really great. The muffin cups or individual ramekins would be a great idea if you’re hosting a party or large amount of people.

I’m a sucker for dishes like this and was pleased to find this recipe lived up to all my expectations. After shoveling our faces with far more than the recommended serving size, we still had enough food left that I opened it up to his roommate aaaand had more for leftovers.

I have a feeling I’ll be doing something similar with sweet potatoes very soon (and attempting to convince my boyfriend to love sweet potatoes as much as I do)

-bien manger, mon amis-


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