Abigail Hofrichter. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Abigail Hofrichter. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

2014 was a year of rebirth. It was a year of happiness and new beginnings. I flung myself into a new relationship and new job. I once again opened up to the idea of falling in love and watched as the woman I had been faded away while a new, brighter, more feverish one stood in her place. I challenged myself to act with passion and purpose. I took my well-being into my own hands, with the goal of accepting my shortcomings and seeking progress in areas of my own choosing. I wrote more, I ran faster, I meditated longer, I laughed louder.

It’s taken me 12 days to write this post because 2015 has started with mixed emotions. New years are supposed to be invigorating and filled with promise. I look back on the year of growth 2014 brought me and want to carry that positive energy into the next.

On the other hand, as I enter 2015 I face a dauntingly long and dimly lit hallway. I cannot see much past my own two feet but I am forced to more forward. Time will not wait for me find my bearings.

This year will bring inevitable change. I will graduate and move on to a new chapter in my life.  At this point, not knowing what that chapter is, I could be facing a multitude of new chapters. At this point, 2015 if filled with uncertainty and as exciting as this uncertainty could turn out to be months down the road, it is unnerving in the present.

Abigail Hofrichter. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Abigail Hofrichter. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Looking back on 2015 thus far, I’ve come to realize that my greatest fear is allowing the stress of the unknown take away from the promise this year holds for me. The adventure, friendships both new & old, memories and joy I’ve experienced in these 12 short days are a testament to my 2015 mantra: Forward. 

While I might not know where I am going, the key to surviving and championing the next few months will be to just keep going. As long as I’m moving forward, I cannot fall.

I’m not one to make new years resolutions. I’ve found for me they often operate much like a diet: you follow it religiously for a bit and then you inevitably taper off. I’ve decided to take my 2015 mantra and blend it with things I’ve been working on already to help me achieve my goals throughout the year: even as they change.

1. Set manageable goals.  As a 20-something, soon-to-be graduate, possibilities seem endless and unattainable at the same time. My peers will be in vastly different places from backpacking across Europe, to bar tending, to working at Fortune 500’s. Set goals that are manageable and tailored to my happiness. Take things as slowly or quickly as needed.

2. Stop measuring myself against others. Listing all the things I can’t do or haven’t done is only going to hinder me further. It’s time to focus on my accomplishments and if I want something or some experience I lack, try to get it. End of story.

3. Have patience. Not everything is going to happen right away. Somethings might but other’s may come in time– maybe longer than I am expecting or comfortable with.

4. Do not fear money. Don’t let money or the fear of money hold me back from things I truly want. The people I respect most in life have all agreed on one thing: If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen. You’ll make the money. You’ll find ways to survive.

5. Prove yourself to no one. This year, along with every other year, is for me. It is for no one else to judge what I do with it. The only person I should be concerned with letting down is myself. If I am happy, I am ok.

So, here we go. Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.46.52 PM feature image courtesy of: Steve Snodgrass


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